wp-image-658296831As a songwriter, I have always shared my experiences with others through my words. Growing up with a drug addict mother created a fair amount of trauma as a child which then turned into PTSD as an adult. These experiences have created many hurdles in my life and I have worked hard to get through these struggles. The battle is never ending.

I worked in the mental health field as a counselor for adults struggling with mental health and substance abuse problems. With my past being what it was, working this job was a beautiful gift to help pay it forward.

I want to help people practice self-care through techniques, tools, and resources that I have learned along my journey. Our minds are very powerful. When you can control it, you become powerful. I created this website to share my experiences through my words.

I bring professional and personal experience to my writing and I only promote others if I agree with the message, product or service. Self Care is related to many different things in life. You’ll be surprised at how many parts of your life are affecting your mental health!