Resources and Techniques

I will do my best to post something new in here once a week or more! Anything I post in this section is something I truly believe in and think will be helpful to others.

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Just the other day I had a scary incident with my dog. I won’t go into great detail, but I imagined something was going to happen to my dog and only a second later it happened. Do not ignore your intuition. It is important to listen to yourself. The course below is specifically for intuition. Here are more courses on self-care!


Emotional abuse is not only real but can severely affect your life in the worst ways. First, take this free Emotional Abuse Test to see if your thoughts are confirmed. If you find out that your suspicions were right and that you are being emotionally abused by someone you love, please be proactive!

Hay House is a website that offers tons of resources for living an emotionally and mentally healthy life.

For anyone that has a family member or knows someone dealing with a mental “illness” of any kind, NAMI is an amazing resource for information and support. They help family members and friends learn how to break away from stigmas.

Sometimes it can be difficult to explain mindful meditation because the word “meditation” tends makes people think of sitting quietly in an empty room. Andy Puddicombe does an amazing job at explaining this concept and more during this short TED Talk. Andy is the Founder of Headspace which offers really great guided meditations. Check this out: TED Talk with Andy